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Knife Care

sharp knife, never a dull meal

Knives are vital! A most important tool in the kitchen arsenal. A good knife can last 30 years and become an exceptional investment, but how do you properly care for a knife?

  • Don’t damage it: While this seems an obvious statement, what does it mean? Regular tasks, such a cutting veggies, should be done on a cutting board every time. Your granite counter is not kind to your knife blade.

  • Hand wash and dry your knife every time. Carbon steel will rust if left wet and reacts with certain acidic ingredients.

  • Never use the automatic dishwashers! The blade edges will be dulled from rubbing and bumping. Harsh detergents will cause straining and pitting of the blade and the heat will cause the metal to expand and contract. Wood-handled knives will have a shorter life due to heat and detergents. They cause the natural oils and pigments to be drawn out of the wood, resulting in the handle fading and splitting.

While some may be afraid of a sharp knife, it’s dull knives that are dangerous. Accidents happen when you can not cut properly. Remember, with a little love, your knives will last a very long time and serve you well.

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