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Art of Sharpening, located in White Orchid The Day Spa, 10971 Countryway Blvd Tampa, Fl 33626 provides a mobile sharpening service to Salon Professionals. While our inspiration was to keep our local hairstylists on the cutting edge and doing what they love. We do cater to restaurants, homemakers, lawn care professionals etc. You can drop off at our location and your blades will be ready next day.


Did you know that sharpening can extend the life of your blade? Nicks and scratches dull blades, cause frustration and create a need for more steel to be removed during sharpening.

Regular maintenance keeps your cutting edge better than new. We guarantee you will love our work.


10 reasons to choose

Art of Sharpening

1. We use state-of-the-art equipement to maintain as much of your edge as possible, this extends the life of your blade.

2. Honed by machine then we hand finish, by whet stone, the inside of the scissor blade.

3. We examine and replace the scissor pivot if needed, this creates a smooth close

4. The actuation  edge is polished to a brilliant shine.

5. The ride line is polished and checked for alignment to be sure it's not bent. 

6. The pivot screw is cleaned out.

7. We reassemble your scissors, check the tips to ensure no crossover and ensure an exact match in the close. 

8. The bumpers are inspected to ensure no crossover.

9. The finger rest is "lock tite" back into the shear.

10. The tips are checked for no sharp edges or burs and polished to refine.

Your shears are tested and returned with instructions for care. 

Not a hairstylist? that's ok, i sharpen all types of blades.

I've sharpened sewing scissors, lawn mower blades, kitchen knives, fillet knives, swords, pruners, hedge trimmers etc. We do not sharpen clipper blades or saw blades. Don't hesitate to call, text or email with questions.

Mon by appt. 

Tues 12-7

Wed 10-5

Thurs 12-7

Fri 10-5

Sat 10-2

Sun Closed



10971 Countryway Blvd:

White Orchid The Day Spa

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